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November 4, 2010

It’s birthday season around here! From October to mid-January, it seems like everyone we know has a birthday, almost one a week! So that got me thinking of birthdays. Growing up, birthdays were always special. I had a lot of cool slumber parties when I was young that I still remember as my favorites. My mom always made our cake herself, which she passed down to me. I was SO sad the year Chance asked for a store bought cake “like all the other kids have”. Luckily, he’s back to thinking my cakes are cool again.

Here’s one of my favorite cakes as a child:

My mom made it recently for my niece’s 7th birthday. It’s a dress up girl made from a bunny shaped pan. Chance thought that part was so cool, that you could use the same pan for different cakes.

Here’s Krislynn blowing out the candles, so excitedly:

I wish I had caught her full reflection in the mirror from the centerpiece, but I didn’t even notice it until later.

Birthdays are made special, even now that I’m an adult. My mom always lets us pick our favorite meal and what kind of cake. No matter what we request, she fulfills above and beyond our request. I asked for some shrimp for my birthday and she went all out with a full seafood boil. So in return, I’m having her a birthday dinner this weekend to celebrate her own birthday as well as my nephew’s, which is the day before.

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