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33/365- Sleepy baby

February 3, 2011

Yesterday, I had to pick Bailey up from daycare early for a doctor’s appointment, so she missed most of nap time. Later in the afternoon, she brought me 2 of her pacifiers, all excited. I reminded her that pacis are for night night and she went back to her room. I assumed to throw the pacis into her crib. A little time went by and she hadn’t returned, so I went to check on her. She’d been playing in her room all afternoon, so I assumed she was playing quietly and this is what I found:

Sleepy girl

Note: She normally ALWAYS has on clothes. Babies and toddlers that run around naked make me cringe for some reason. She normally has to have on clothes, but yesterday she wanted to be naked for some reason and I allowed it for a little while. You can see how good of a time she’d been having by the mess in her room.

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